Taurus is a small focused Foundation – our Trustees have a strict policy of selecting potential grantees themselves.

The Trustees wish to discourage charities from wasting their own time and resources on unsolicited applications, so please do not contact us.

The Trustees have identified a number of overarching themes or areas of interest

  • biodiversity, embracing the environment and species conservation
  • the arts
  • disadvantaged and marginalised members of society
  • mental health
  • domestic animal welfare
  • Jewish connections

Before considering grants at the annual allocation Board meeting, the Board will research and identify suitable candidate charities chosen for their match to specific areas of interest.  Prior to any formal decision, Trustees will visit the charity or interview the management.

Grants are usually made on an unrestricted basis and, subject to certain conditions, may be renewed.


Taurus Foundation charity number: 1128441

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